Fairphone 3+ won't turn on, tried everything!

My Fairphone 3+ turned itself off and now will not charge or power up at all. When plugged in to charge there is no indication of any power, no LED or anything.

I have had the battery tested, it is fine.

I have tried:

  • new bottom module
  • cleaning the solder contacts
  • all the trouble shooting suggestions on the FP website.

My attention has been caught by the volume buttons. One seems to be sitting in an odd fashion. They all still seem to click when pushed. Could this somehow be the issue? Photos attached.

The phone is out of its warranty period.

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Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have the same problem with a ‘friends’ phone and haven’t fixed it. i did manage to pull out the button strip to no avail.

Even if you find a Fairphone angel near you I doubt they will have a quick answer as core module can’t be swapped permanently and if that is the problem buying in new is costly.

So an official l repair is going to cost a couple of hundred

Core Module Motherboard housing SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, SIM cards slots, SD card slot Fairphone 3(+) € 185.53 € 222.64


Actually I’d rather doubt it. Probably a problem with the core module. Unfortunately this has already happened more often yet…:


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