Fairphone 3 with USB microphone

Hi !
We would like to use a MV88+ which is a USB microphone on the FP3.
Is the USB audio and microphone supported by the FP3 ?
And do you know if we can split the USBC to connect the microphone and a external battery ?

Thanks for your help !
Andrea & Mathieu

Hi there and welcome to the community!

The simple answer is yes, I do think so.
I see you speak french, so see the following topic:

It exists. I’m sorry, lazy to search too much, only found it on amazon although I hate them.


Thanks a lot for your quick answer !

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Can you share an update whether it works? I had the same question the other day, but didn’t just yet get around trying this out.


Hi !
I just order the MV88 video kit.

I let you know when I’ll try it !

Yes, please. The official page lists mainstream devices only:

For Recording, it says

Due to the broad range of Android devices, apps, and platforms, Shure can only guarantee the MV88+ will be compatible with listed devices and when using Shure MOTIV Android Audio and Video Apps

and below

Not all android devices provide enough power or support USB audio. We have thoroughly tested the below devices, and will continue to test more devices over time, so please keep checking back.

In addition, not all android apps support USB microphones. Please check your preferred app before purchasing.

Good luck with the purchase!


I would like to take you on, on your promise to share your experiences.
Since you didn’t post again.
Can I draw the conclusion, that the solution did work for you?

All the best! :slight_smile:

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