Fairphone 3 will not charge - red light sometimes flashes for up to 30 seconds

I have a FP3 which suddenly cannot charge. The battery worked fine a week ago. I used to charge it every night but it could last up to two days depending on usage.

I am using a standard PF charger and have tried different leads and chargers. I have tried charging from a laptop. I have tried purchasing a new lead. I am not having any luck. I have tried cleaning the charging port with an old plastic toothbrush but it has not helped. I have tried taking the battery in, leaving it for 30 seconds and putting it back in. Nothing I have tried so far has worked.

So I am now looking at two options: (1) change the bottom module or (2) change the battery with new FP spare parts from the shop.

Before I commit to a decision any advice on this would be great. Thank you.


Take the battery out.
Put the phone without the battery on the charger.
Whilst on the charger put the battery back and leave it charging for at least half on hour.
With this procedure you reset the software of the battery.


Thank you Lidwien, I have tried this today but with no luck. Any further ideas for me to try or shall I just purchase the new units?

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Perhaps there is a Fairphone Angel in your neighbourhood to help you test.

There are none near Ipswich as far as I know.

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