Fairphone 3. Which stylus for drawing?

Please can someone help, I’m trying to work out which stylus would work on the Fairphone 3. I’ve tried a couple that don’t work, I’m wanting to use them with my drawing apps. Any help would be really appreciated.

Same question here! Any suggestions by now?

Hi Franki,

which styli have you tried already, why didn’t they work?

Which drawing apps do you use? Due to the relatively small display size I would not recommend to use a smartphone for serious drawing purposes. The FP3, just like most other regular smartphones, does not have an inductive digitizer which would be needed for serious digital pens.

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The FP3 doesn’t have any special touch technology, so things like Apple pencils and Galaxy S pens won’t work. The only way would be to have a stylus that is able to conduct current, so that when you hold it it connects to your body (capacative touch displays work by registering changes in the current on the screen, that is also the reason why you can use a touch screen with the back of a metal permanent marker or a key).


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