Fairphone 3 update build *.20201119

Hi there!
I recently agreed to my fairphones request to install the newest update and hoped that the issues with the calls would vanish.
But actually it got worse. In the beginning I had problems with the quality. Well, the net is not very strong in my region, but behaviour was strange as I could hear my calling partner very clearly, but nearly all partners complained about really bad audio quality with missing parts.
With the upgrade to android 10 some more difficulties appeared:

When I dial the phone tries to connect but there is no free-line signal. Then the timer of the call starts counting as if the connection was successfull but I can’t here anything. The persons I call either do not get the call at all or they get it but they don’t here anything too.
Sometimes I can hear something but when choosing the “number input” I can type but it is not sent. This behaviour very often arises when the phone is just running without restarting hours after restart. Sometimes with a second or third call it works again, but very often only restart will solve the problem. But it can also happen right after restart, but less frequently.

I tried to turn of the WLAN calls, turn off bluetooth, and turn of G4. But nothing changed.
During the last weeks I had the impression that it is a little bit better. But after the latest update 20201119 it’s worse than ever. I have to restart the phone with nearly every call.

If I understand it correctly this is one of the problems currently under investigation, see this blog post: https://www.fairphone.com/en/2020/10/23/software-issues-next-steps/

Sounds like a good idea to contact customer service and I’d hope they can ask for specific information/logs that help understand the root cause of your problem.
That isn’t an immediate fix for you but to me it seems more data helps finding a solution.

P.S.: maybe you already did, so just in case…


Yes, I know that these issues are known. I hoped that the new update helped. But in my case it seems worse. And that might be new. :slight_smile:

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