Fairphone 3 unstable mobile data

Since recently, I have troubles with mobile data on my Fairphone 3 in the Netherlands. Even though I have a full 4G connection and internet browsing works perfectly, the mobile data seem to have troubles in other apps. In Spotify, it shows ‘No internet connection’ all the time, though eventually does manage to slowly load playlists and songs. Login via DigiD app doesn’t work, as after entering my pincode the app shows ‘There was an unexpected error. Try again’ [translated from Dutch]. Then again some other apps do still work, as if depended on the app whether the mobile data is stable enough to load.

My Fairphone 3 runs on the latest Android 13 version and all the apps are updated. I do see in the connection bar that mobile data every few seconds switches between 4G and 4G+ but both with full strength. I do not know whether that is an indication of an unstable connection.

Anyone else experiencing this problem or knows how to solve this?

I’m having the same issues with my FP 3+, it’s quite random which apps fail to connect to the internet. Eg Spotify or Firefox work without any issues, while DigiD or mu banking app can’t connect through 4g

It seems to have started after the upgrade to Android 13 last summer

It has nothing to do with the mobile data.
Have a read about no fingerprint

I’m not talking about the scanner, or any login for that matter.
It’s the internet connection that cannot be established by some apps. For ample the NS app (for public transport connection) is also affected

Indeed, the same goes for my 9292 app. It’s good to know that I have no problems with any of these same apps when connected to WiFi.

I have no problems with NS when I am on mobile data. I use Youfone.
Perhaps it’s an idea to check the APN.
I am on NS version 7.20.0

What do you mean by ‘check the APN’? I have reset the APN setting but it didn’t help anything.

On the website of your provider you should be able to find the correct APN-settings and compare them with the settings on your phone.


Thank you, that has helped me and everythings works well again. I think it might have been as internet provider T-Mobile changed to Odido in summer and therefore the APN slightly as well.

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Same here, after updating the APN-settings everything is working fine. For those facing the same problem and also having Odido as a provider, you can find the right settings here: Hoe kan ik internet instellen op mijn mobiele telefoon. Wat is bijvoorbeeld het APN van Odido? | T-Mobile

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