Fairphone 3 stolen in Nepal

Long story short my fairphone 3 got stolen in Kathmandu, if you find one used in a shady shop I’d be glad to hear from u (even though they’ll likely have taken out the sd-card anyway).

Downing to hear :frowning:

If you are able to still find out your IMEIs (they should be on the original box, or perhaps in your Fairphone customer account if you bought your FP3 directly from Fairphone), you can report them to Fairphone Support so they can add it to their list of lost and stolen Fairphones: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests

I know it probably won’t help you, but it can make it harder to sell the phone for the thief. People interested in second hand Fairphones can check with Fairphone Support whether an offer is registered on the list.


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