Fairphone 3 sound level problem with JBL Flip 5

Hi !
I’ve bought a JBL Flip 5 speaker. When i up thé sound on my Fairphone 3, i have a huge difference of sound level between 24-25% ( tiny at 24, huge at 25)
My Gf has an IPhone, and she does not have this kind of problem on the speaker.
This problem doesn’t happen on a Jack connected speaker, and on my earbuds.
I have installed sound control application, but same problem happened.
If you have any solution, or if you have the same trouble, let me know !

Hi Jim,

welcome to this forum. I have the same problem, also with a FP3 and a JBL Flip speaker like described here. Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution yet, I am still living with this problem. There seem to be solutions when you root the phone, but I refrained from doing so until now.