Fairphone 3 software issue or settings?

Hi, my FP3 has lost it’s swipe capability, is showing green squares around whatever is activated adn is continually ‘talking’ explaining all its processes as tehy happen adn reading out e-mails. The date and time are wrong. Safe mode does not help. About to try putting sim in and out but has anyone any idea? It started doing it randomly whilst it was in my pocket. System fault or accidental setting?

Recent update lost mobile data a couple fo days ago, only now had time to attend to this now.

ps please excuse the typos.

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I’d first have a look in the Accessibility settings. What you describe sounds like some mechanism to assist people with impaired eyesight. This might sometimes be triggered by special gestures done on the display.


Thanks, I’ll give that a go, taking the sim in and out didn’t help.

Hi urs-lesse

That fixed the problem, many thanks!! I’m just left with a wrong time and date and no mobile data! lol I’ll try reloading the update which is where the problems seemed to start and failing that get in touch with my provider (Phone Co-op UK). Much happier with FP3 than my previous FP2 up to now, well worth sticking with the project. Also getting better at problem solving and as of today using the forum. Thanks again for your prompt help.



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