Fairphone 3+ Selfie camera quality issue

The selfie camera on my new Fairphone 3+ isn’t able to take sharp images and the images have a very yellow tint and the white balance isn’t working with available light. Any ideas what’s wrong with it?

It would be useful to know what updates you have installed. 0054/0066/0077


Right now I’m downloading FP33.A.00077

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Update didn’t help. Probably the selfie camera just isn’t the best in quality.

It seems that this is a common issue :frowning: . Did you take a look to this topic? :point_down:

I hope they fix it soon with an update or any other solution. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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It’s clearly a problem for a few, but only a few, so I doubt there’s a fix to be made in terms of software. Are you using the default OS up to date and have you tried a different camera app. Open Camera seems mentioned a few times

Whether it’s a problem for a few, or for many, Fairphone should take care that something doesn’t work as it should. And, as I said, whether it’s through an upgrade or in some other appropriate way, especially when it’s a new product.

In any case, and as always, Fairphone support should be informed of this problem, even if who has the problem looks for (and hopefully finds) help in the forum.

Best regards! :slight_smile:


I wrote an e-mail 1 1/2 weeks ago and didn’t get any reply.

Even if this is just an issue for a few, they should offer a solution.

Was that a direct email to support or did you send a support query by the online form via the link provided by @Mixigodo ?

Secondly ‘they’ can offer a solution if they don’t know the cause and finding that can take some time especially if there are other more pressing support queries.

What have you tried to resolve it? Have you tried the Open Camera app.


Open Camera app didn’t help.
Used the online form.

At least ‘they’ could answer me, even if they don’t have a solution for this problem yet.
Is it a common problem? Are they working on it? Is it better return the phone for a new one? (Although this isn’t pretty easy right know, as shops are closed due lockdown)
Don’t think costumers should find a solution for problems like this, to be honest.

It’s not what I’d call common, I don’t think I 've seen 6 posts about it from 100s of thousands of sales.

You will hopefully get an email to confirm your support query, but i see people waiting two weeks for that; and then another week or two before support ask you to try a number of things to see if they can understand the problem.

If you haven’t done a lot of customisation you may want to try a hard factory reset.

If you are allowed out where you live you want to look up a Fairphone angel to compare and even swap parts.

Of course we are not the common customers and it seems we are a bigger part in this experiment that some of us envisioned and are not happy with it.

You say the shops are closed, did you buy from a shop, if so take it back as soon as possible.

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