Fairphone 3 plus sound, calls, microphone not working

Hi there,

having isuues with my fairphone 3 plus I can’t make or receive calls at the moment they come through but the app crashes. I can’t hear any audio either or record anything. I have taken apart my phone many times and taken out everything and put it back together however the problem still persists. it is in quite bad condition bless it, one if the screws isn’t in as part of the black bit on the back of the screen just below the finger print scanner has come away and I assume so has the part where the screw goes in as when I screw it in there is nothing for it to screw into. I have to press and hold slash squeeze this part of the phone very tight to unlock my phone as the power buttons most of the time dont work unless I do this, most likely due to that screw not being in place. don’t know what to do lol so if anyone has any idea what’s going on with the sound help would be great haha! I thought to just get a new screen and my troubles would go away but then this sound thing started and don’t know wether I would need a new microphone and speaker aswell which if so I do and they still don’t work, would be very pricey for no reason! thanks :joy:

Hi Have you ruled out a memory error. Please check to seem if you have at least 10GB ram available.

You could also try starting in safe mode to rule out app conflicts and failing that try a factory reset.

If it is only an issue with screws not locating you can try and fill the holes with either a loose piece of wood plastic or a compound that will harden etc.


Hiya thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: I have around 4 gb of storage left on it at the moment. Also how do I turn on safe mode? :slight_smile: thanks again!

when the calls don’t work it says system UI not working, I’ve tried force stopping that and it just changed my background to the default and nothing else haha. I have updated it to it’s latest software aswell

4GB is not enough and known to cause endless problems.

See if you can move maybe some pictures and videos to a PC or if you have an SD card you can use that.

If you do have an SD card be sure to format it as Portable/ External. Formatting as internal will likely cause the same if not more problems.


Hi Jake,

Do you know of a local #fairphoneangel who might help with identifying the parts you need to replace? For example, you could maybe test components from your phone in another phone to check whether they are still working.

It’s not good having to squeeze the phone so hard to use the power button, you’re likely to make things worse. I suggest you use the fingerprint scanner as much as possible when you need to unlock the phone, until you get the problem sorted.


Thanks very much, currently trying all these options now :smiley:

Thanks so much for the reply! just emailed my local fairphone peeps, for north england so hopefully someone might be able to help, just hope my poor fairphone can make it through :’(


Wondering where you are? I’m in Cornwall although the COVID situation makes it a bit of an issue meeting up.

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ohh I’m in leeds, so quite a ways away haha unfortunately :confused: and yeah COVID is making everything harder

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Replying here so people can see an update kinda lol: hey guys me again, I’ve already posted about this issue I have but I’m here posting again as I really don’t want to have to get a new (second hand) phone because it goes against the whole princeble of the fair phone and I do really like this phone and it’s customizability! I really should have treated it better as my partner always said!! haha :confused: I shall link if I can my original post to what the issues I’m having are but if anyone can help in any way, like for part testing/trying or any information else as I have tried almost everything now and fairy still doesn’t want to call or record audio or play from it’s speakers so I’m currently using it as a ‘fair’ at the moment and not the phone part :rofl: I’m in leeds west Yorkshire if anyone is from around here and is willing to help that would be amazing. I have contacted the email for the fairphone angels, no response yet but I am hopeful :crossed_fingers:

anyways happy Christmas ya’ll

As you indicate a missing screw may mean you have to squeeze the phone to effectively use it, maybe you could post a picture of the area mentioned. Is it just one screw?

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