Fairphone 3 or 3+?

I want to buy a Fairphone 3 but not sure whether to get the 3 or 3+. If I get 3 then will I be able to get parts in the future or should I get 3+?

The Fairphone 3 is discontinued by Fairphone, so you won’t be able to buy it on their website.
The Fairphone 3+ is currently out of stock, but will hopefully come back soon.
So if you get the FP3, it will have to be second-hand, or perhaps find a reseller.

As for the spare parts, they are exactly the same for both models, except for the camera modules. Specs wise the FP3+ is only an upgraded FP3 with better cameras and better speakers, but all modules from both are compatible with each other. So no worry on this side :slight_smile:


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