Fairphone 3+ microphone error everyday

For quiet some time my microphone2 quits every day. After closing the phone and restarting it works again. I use this microphone (I know there are 2, and I read the whole thread of february 2022 here) a lot for a voice recorder app and also spreaking to my navigation app or making a video for whattsapp. And so on.

Further explanation: I use Android version 13 and Buildnumber 6.A.023.1

A month ago I brought the phone back to fabriq settings. Didn’t help.
According to the test modus, mic 2 should be okey, as well as mic 1 by the way.

It bothers me a lot, I work hard mentally to be loyal to the fairphone, but I doubt reaching the five years property this way.

Mic2 is important for me. Is there someone with new experience?
Is this a software bug in the fairphone software?

Maybe it is caused by some loose contact of the module that has the mic within it or some other physical issue. I would try to check the module for visible damage, clean it and re-plug it.


Okey, thank you, I will. I will report it what it does.

I did all I could, cleaning and replacing. And two hours later, opening my voicerecorder, the microphone failed again. After restarting it worked.
Any other solutions?

Good news, after that single incident of a not working mic2 again, for the rest of the days it worked, and kept working. So, cleaning and removing and replacing seemed to be the solution.

So thanks!