Fairphone 3 Keyboard doesn't show up on lock screen


I have set up my Fairphone 3 and was using it normally. I had set a password but not yet put my Fingerprint in. I had been using it normally and I was able to unlock it with my password but now the Keyboard does not show up on the lock screen anymore, so I can not unlock my phone anymore.

I have turned it off and on again, I have restarted it, I have taken out the battery and put it back in, I have taken the SIM card out and in again. Nothing changed, still no keyboard.

I hope someone can help me asap, I was really looking forward to using my Fairphone 3.

Kind Regards and happy holidays to everyone

As a workaround until you find a real solution: do you have an USB OTG adapter? So you could attach a physical keyboard to unlock the phone.


No I don’t but that’s a really good idea to start with, thank you very much!

Are you using GBoard or an alternative? Is it kept up to date? Have you removed other Google apps, like Play Services?

If you do manage to get in, change the password to a PIN and that should keep you sweet in the meantime until an answer is found.

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After several months of flawless use, I decided to activate fingerprint and password protection.
The problem is that after a reboot, a fingerprint isn’t sufficient for unlocking, and when asked for the password, no keyboard shows up, so I just can’t enter the password.
I installed via F-Droid and use AnySoft keyboard, can that be the cause?
For now, I didn’t find any solution other than factory reset, which I’d like to avoid since I dont have recent backups. And would a keyboard connected via USB allow me to enter the password?

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Yes, alternative keyboards have been found to not work for unlocking with a password in Fairphone OS. You can avoid this problem by using a PIN (or pattern I guess) to unlock, this wouldn’t need the installed keyboard.

Although, if I didn’t miss or forget something, this has been found out and only reported so far by users here in connection with uninstalling the preinstalled GBoard.
Did you uninstall GBoard?

Yes, this should work via a USB-OTG adapter.

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Thank you for your answer.
I dont own a USB-C OTG cable, but I ordered one.
In the meanwhile, I was wandering if it’s possible to use another (friend’s) smartphone as a USB keyboard emulator, but it seems that this is not as trivial as I thought…

Thank you, it worked as a charm, over a USB-C - OTG cable and a keyboard!