Fairphone 3+ Intermittent Fault

Placed phone in my toolbox drawer as normal, went back today at lunchtime to check for any missed calls/messages, phone screen dead and unresponsive, totally black.

Checked phone, removed screen saver, and removed from fairphone protective case,

no sign of any damage, phone still in immaculate orginal condition.

Removed battery from phone and tried restarting several times during afternoon still same issues, could feel vibration to start, then screen blank.

Finished work took phone home, removed rear cover and battery, retried several times , still nothing.

Tried later on, phone powered up and attempted to back up to googledrive, unfortunatley screen went blank after around 10 minutes, pressed on/off button, but still nothing, screen would not power up.

Phone is only 14 months old.

  1. Can feel vibration on finger print sensor even with screen blank.

  2. Start button at side of phone?Power on, vibration, but nothing shown on display?

Phone appears to working although screen blank as can feel vibration as messages are received.

  1. If screen powers up, screen lock appears intermittent.

Could you please advise as to next steps

  • Do you think screen fault?
  • Any help would be appreciatiated.

Thank You

Perhaps the battery needs charging?

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Check if there are gaps between the display module and the rest of the phone (on the slim sides of the phone). If you find any, gently press together the parts to close them. If that doesn’t make a difference, you should look into removing the display module and putting it back like described here:

Other than that … your tool box drawer … it might shield the phone from signals to an extent. The phone in turn might try to work harder to make the most of the weaker signal, and consume a lot more energy than outside of the drawer. See Lidwien’s suggestion.


Thank you all, for help, in solving issue with phone.
Although phone has never been dropped or abused, removed display module from phone and found light contamination at pogo pin connector, cleaned this using electrical cleaner, reassembled phone, tested and now operating as normal.


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