Fairphone 3 has no phone signal since update

My Fairphone 3 has no phone signal almost anywhere which I think is a software issue. My other family members are all with the same provider and have strong signals in the house, as I used to before I updated.

Are there any fixes anyone can talk me through please? I have emailed customer support but no reply and it is causing problems with not being able to receive calls.

Many thanks, Alice

The APN might have been somehow messed. You can check under settings-network-mobile network- esxtended. The correct settings for the APN are provider specific. Maybe it just helps to set to default using the three dots

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Thank you, I’ve tried this. It doesn’t seem to have made any difference unfortunately.

This seem to be similar, a few more ideas to check in the other topic

Did you check the other Slot? Can you check with another SIM (is possible other provider)? How old is your SIM card? Did you check with your provider if there are any issues with your contract? Which provider did you use?


Thank you for the suggestions. I have tried disabling then enabling 4G. I’ve also ordered a new SIM in case it is that.