[FAIRPHONE 3] Hardware suggestion

Hello everybody,

I open this post to discuss the future architecture of Fairphone 3.
I think it will be good that users can express their ideas here. Maybe Fairphone developers can read this forum.


For my first suggestion concerns flash memory. This idea makes it possible to increase the reliability of the phone, to reduce the price, to develop alternativ OS safetly and to make a phone more modular phone.

I propose that the main memory (for the OS) is materialized by a standard microSD card like on the Raspberry-pi.

So the phone will have 2 microSD memory slots:

  • one for the OS (’/’)
  • another for storage and custom software (’/opt’ and /home ')

The consequences are as follows:

  • Reduced price because not need permanent flash memories on the mother card. All body know that everyone has micorSD card unused at home so it allows for recycling;

  • Increased reliability for geeks who are trying to compile their own OS with Buildroot. Just buy a microSD dedicated to the test. If a bug occurs during the test with Buildroot, simply format the microSD with a PC. So the phone is not brickable. This programming technique is used for the Raspberry-pi and it is much more practical than the JTAG.

  • The phone is more modular because it allows to adapt the size (and price) of the card to the OS you want to use.

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