Fairphone 3 -- Hardware and obsolecence discussion

Hi was wondering if I should buy a FP2 or wait for FP3? But the idea is to upgrade FP3 components. Don’t get it! Too used to upgrades! Can I have a steer?

FP3 is not even announced yet, it will still take quite a while. If you need a phone now then you should order an FP2, but otherwise we can only encourage you to continue using your old phone until it stops working (and then have it recycled), which is even better for the world than buying new phones all the time.


Have been holding onto it for years now in that aspiration. I was just wondering if version 3 would be modules or an entirely new phone. I would prefer modules and it would seem then that fairphone are very serious about a future proof phone.


FP2 was a first step in modularity and upgrades will probably come (they are working on a camera upgrade already), but there is a limit. The core module with the motherboard will probably be the limit, as new chips won’t fit into the current design of the module.
So FP3 will come one day, but nobody knows when yet.
Maybe one day in the far future Fairphone will even design their own chips and make it possible to keep upgrading the same set of modules forever.


Which means, despite limitations: keep the basic core module design (measures, connectors…), integrate on future modules f.i. a new chip (etc.). This is basically what the Raspberry-Pi-People are doing, too.

As quite many people, I think that backward compatibility of FP3-modules to FP2 is THE most important feature - but you know that already.


Chips are getting smaller and smaller, with more functions integrated into a SoC. I think it should be well possible to put new chips in the same form factor. It’s not a very weird shape, the part of the PCB holding the chips in the core module is nearly square (apart from the back, where the storage, wifi and accelerometer chips are placed between the SIM slots, SD slot and some connectors, but those chips should not be getting larger.)


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For FP3 just a new main module would be the logical move, right?

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