Fairphone 3 hack: dangling camera?


For a specific teaching environment, I would like to have the camera “dangling” from the phone. Existing systems (see picture) do not have the kind of image quality I am looking for. Is such a hack possible on the Fairphone 3? It seems that you would just need an appropriate 48-pin connection cable, but I know nothing about connection cables, so I cannot assess whether this is realistic or not.

All advice would be welcome.



Hi Yves and welcome to the community forum…
I’m sure you are on the right track, it’s just finding a suitable cable and getting one end to fix to both the camera and the phone contacts, good luck with that. :sweat:

Depending upon the experiment you may find it easier to use an external camera, Gopro for example, connected by wifi.

I am using a USB connection for reliability with DroidCam OBS on the smartphone and OBS Studio on the computer. It works really well. I have a good action cam that works fine too, but I am looking for something less obtrusive. I basically would like to be looking directly into the camera as I look at a Powerpoint presentation. Like having a webcam in the middle of your screen instead of at the top (which gives a weird impression as your gaze is always off). A teleprompter could be an option, but they are horribly expensive once they are larger than for a smartphone.


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Does the 48-pin connector have a specific name for this format? There are plenty of 48-pin connectors with all kind of sizes.


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