Fairphone 3 GPS questionable accuracy using [e/OS] maybe

I think there should be a mention to /e/ os in the title since the problem seems related to this operating system.

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It is an e/OS issue

Just FYI, @yvmuell meant the data required for “assisted GPS”, where the device receives initial data by a (much faster) terrestrial link, allowing it to get a fix faster (better, harder, etc.).

Thanks. I was going to Google it :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: but this phone is running e/OS :slight_smile:

FYI the HereWeGo app gives accurate readings even indoors.

Well, HereYouGo then…

(sorry, couldn’t resist… :blush:)

Hi everyone,

I confirm I have the same issue since I upgraded my phone with the realease published in December.
From that time, each time an monthly upgrade is published, I cross fingers tinget an acurate location.

I happened to get the accurate location for a few minutes only just when rebooting after the upgrade.
Yesterday, whe’ riding a bike in the middle of nowhere, I got the accurate location, but from home or at my customers’ offices, I get a 80km or 100km inaccurracy.

I should try cutting all wifi to test if this causes confusion…

The important thing is that the GPS is accurate out doors. In the the house I use a ball of string. :slight_smile:


Yes I tried that and kept tripping over the string, so I then tried bread crumbs so I new where I had been and could track my steps. I may seem a bit messy but the crumbs are biodegradable and I used organic bread, so I don’t feel I’m damaging the environment as much and am paying ‘good’ money to make the mess.

Just before I go to sleep at night I open the windows and birds come in and clear up the old tracks, which does of course mean I spend at least an hour every morning cleaning the floor of bird shit.

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