Fairphone 3 for sale SOLD


I have a Fairphone 3 for sale that i have buy on 27/12/2019.



Please add if you can provide proof of purchase (bill, receipt etc.). This is very relevant for people interested in buying (not myself though, sorry).

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I can add this but my complete adress is on this proof so i dont like that everyone know where i live…

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That’s ok, I mainly meant that you just clarify if you can provide it to a buyer. :slight_smile:

Yes i can provide it that’s not a problem.

Can you place a photo on the forum when you display is on and showing the date of today or tomorrow if you can’t do it today?

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Ok i just have add some pictures.

Update some photo’s and change the sell price.

Why are you selling?

Hi i’m just moving from Android away to a other OS.

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