Fairphone 3 for sale (No longer for sale)

Hello and welcome to my sale of a 2 week old Fairphone 3. I am selling as it is not really for me. I am an Apple guy and this just doesn’t suit me or what I need from a phone. Comes with box, key and usb charge cable. This is the duel sim version unlocked to any network.IMG_20200612_074405

PayPal and posting excepted as is cash on collection.

Could you place a foto of the FP3 with the data of today showing on the screen, or tomorrow if you don’t have the time to do it today?

Of course but it will only let me post 1 photo. Is there a way to change how many?


A friend of mine is maybe interested, I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile:

Hi brother I never owned a fp so do not know what Wat a fair price is for so please let say

Hello Mark, I’m very interested in buying this handset from you. Is there a way to send a private message on this forum with an offer? Thanks, Kajsa

The ability to send private messages requires Trust Level 1 – Basic. Find details how to proceed to that level here:


Hi, my offer is 250€

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It seems at the moment that @Mark_Hearne scammed my friend. We’re not sure yet, but he hasn’t answered for multiple weeks and my friend didn’t receive the package yet.

I hope so that your friend gets his package or at least a message from @Mark_Hearne.