Fairphone 3 fingerprint sensor broken

So status update, i sent it in (within the last month of warranty)
i sent it away shortly before corona lockdown, i received it back a couple of days ago.

they “fricking” didn’t change the broken finger print sensor.
They wrote they tested it, and it worked so there was no need to exchange it.

Damn it. Thanks for nothing.

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Thanks to everyone above who suggested potential solutions.
I will now experiment with:

  1. Celotape over the sensor.
  2. Adding multiple versions of the same finger.

Just want to register that the poor performance of the fingerprint sensor is, sadly, what will probably prevent me from purchasing a phone from fairphone in the future. The lack of response to the many people reporting similar issues, and help(less) help I got from contacting tech support about the issue are sadly the nail in the coffin. It’s too bad! It’s a great concept for a a product, and I support very much the values. But it has to work, and work well - and if it doesn’t, I need to see the company responding in a timely and meaningful way. :frowning:

Just an addendum

I have used clear nail varnish on cracked screens and I would do that to my fingerprint sensor if it became cracked. I consider varnish better than tape.