Fairphone 3 feedback, first post!

Hello! I’m new at the Fairphone community, I bought recently a Fairphone 3 and this week I began using it, and its accesories of course. I want to give some feedback and see what do you think about it.

First, the phone itself. I like it! I like the design (not the front tho), I like the built quality and for a normal daily use it’s ok. But I have to say that I think the camera (the app maybe) has a problem with the focus. And I have to add that the phone restarted itself two times at least for now. The speaker sounds good and loud for my taste and the screen is ok.

The charger and the cable. The built quality is nice and they work well, so far so good!

The wired earbuds, oof (the were free when I bought the phone)! The built quality is ok and I like that they are ‘modular’… but the sound is quite off (a bit muffled) and the right one sounds a bit higher than the left one, I don’t know if my unit is not working properly or what but I would like to know. I will keep testing them because I really want to like them.

The case, I’ve been using it for some days and I like it a lot! It feels smooth in my hands, it gives a solid touch to the power and volume buttons and of course, it protects the phone. UPDATED

I hope you liked my first post and that it served for the Fairphone team to improve the phone and its accesories.

See you!


Welcome to the community forum.

This is a community forum and not the company. Fairphone staff might read along and engage here occasionally, or not.
If you really want to make sure to reach the Fairphone team, you would have to reach out to them directly … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us.


Oh, ok, thanks mate.

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