Fairphone 3+ doesn't start anymore

my Fairphone 3+ is acting weird. It fell from my trousers (approx. 60cm height) onto the wooden floor and now I can’t turn it on anymore. The battery is full, I can charge it (it vibrates when I put the charger in, ‘Fairphone’ appears on the screen and afterwards my battery is shown me with the percentage but I can’t turn it on. It doesn’t react to anything.
I already had that like 6 weeks ago but after a few hours I could turn it on again. Anybody here had a similar problem?

Thank you for your answers.

Please excuse may English, I’m german

Welcome to our community :+1:

I was instantly tempted to direct you here: FP3 dead from one moment to the next - #12 by urs_lesse), but given you do you get the battery animation screen, I’m not absolutely sure it’s the same issue as Gerdi.V’s.

Nevertheless, you might want to give dismounting and remounting your display a try (see the link for that).


Hey, thank you a lot, I already read a few topics similar to Gerdi.V’s but the main difference always was, that my screen still works (given the battery animation) so I don’t think the screen is the problem. I will try the dis- and remounting the display a try as soon as I buy a guitar pick but I thought maybe a few of you guys might have another solution

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Most of us here usually do without the guitar pick, either with fingernails or another everyday tool (not my method :wink: ) or by “pushing off” the display through the empty battery slot (starting as close to the outside margin as possible).

P.S.: If there happens to be a Fairphone Angel nearby, you might want to consider her or his assistance in person.

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When I opened it I took the opportunity and cleaned the whole thing because it was dirty asf (yes I’m disgusting), especially the power button. It seemed like it couldn’t really move because it was kinda stuck I guess. So, display detaching was the solution even though the display wasn’t the problem. Thanks a lot for the help, I owe you one :slight_smile:


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