Fairphone 3+, Dead in 3 years

Thanks for the post Vange and the subsequent post from HolosericCaligo and the graphics would explain a lot BUT Vange is completely correct that a phone that sells on repairability and the ethics of it has completely failed in its objective.

There are a number of posts on the forum about weeks, even months, of delays for needed parts. Users can not wait weeks for this (or you do not need a phone?).

As HolosericCaligo points out, the original poor design has been changed by trial and error - this is not a confidence booster at all.

The only remaining reason to buy such a phone is to escape Google.

Best of luck in getting a repair. I can not even get my local phone shops to look at mine to discover what is wrong, so I will buy something else :frowning:

Thanks again for the info

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Hmm, when deciding for y new phone on beginning of 2020, I had some requirements. One from my former mobile use was - to self change the battery and to get such a long, long time. Some others are in this context not relevant. With only this NOT debateable requirement most of the achievle phones where shoot out of my “want to get list”. Then I tested the support (not beeing a customer at this time) and they were nearly the only one, who went on my technical questions and gave adequate answers. So I decided to buy a FP3 and I’m still (although the OS13-issue) satisfied with the phone.


although not having the need to exchange any vital part of the phone, I understand that this isn’t a good thing. And fairphone tells (as guaranty?!) that it will have parts for five years (and not only support the software line of it) and thus, there the company should learn to become better.

Since my first phone (very long ago) let me determine that I really need a phone, from my second phone on I always kept the direct predecessor around as a backup phone, always hoping I can keep it meaningfully operational. Worked out well so far.

(I’m not excusing any lack of spare parts on Fairphone’s side, that’s obviously not a good situation. Just pointing out backup strategies are not only good for important data.)


Same happened to me. My phone wasn’t even 3 years old.
I have written about here Dissapointed experience with Fairphone
The main problems is the misleading advertising that fairphone did about the longevity of the F3. If they had a faulty batch as claimed in some comments, they should have been recalled and a replacement offered to the customers affected.


Just to add my N=1 experience: the ability to easily repair (exchange) a broken display is the most valuable feature so far. Yes, repair shops can do this for many other phones, but ordering a new display and (the day after) just 10 minutes using a screwdriver to get the job done, well, that’s very appealing to someone who likes to fix their own stuff.

Just like I’m always fixing my own bike tyres when they are flat. Very satisfying.


That was just an assumption by me, and you can only recall something, if there is evidence for a fault and a relevant number of failures caused by this part.


Please see post Fairphone 3 motherboard problem

I doubt that there is a faulty batch.
As I wrote here, depending on how the FP3 was handled, the flexibility that comes with how the phone is built could cause too much mechanical stress on the motherboard:

As the very last resort, you can try to reflow the core module. But just look at my post, it is written there.


I suspect you’re right. And in particular, regularly submitting the phone to torsion such as by keeping it in one’s back trouser pocket, might be unwise. I don’t, as a rule, but recently when on holiday did this quite often. I experienced two spontaneous reboots, that I’d never seen before. FP4 as it happens, but still relevant I think.

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2 days ago my Fairphone 3+ also suddenly stopped working. I reflowed the motherboard as explained by @HolosericaCaligo and it works perfectly now! :tada:Thanks!

I put the motherboard 15min the oven at 200°C (preheated) in a glass oven tray (pins up!). I let it cool down (~30min) and rebuilt my phone.

I found it pretty easy to do. The last 2 screws (the ones holding the motherboard) can’t be unscrewed with the Fairphone screwdriver, you need a very small torx.

Good luck to those who will try as well!

Side note: since my phone was open, I cleaned it and especially the bottom speaker. It incredibly increased the volume and quality of the sound. Sounds logical, but I wouldn’t have spontaneously thought of cleaning it.


@Ehocl I would like to try the same. Just to make sure, how you positioned the board in the oven: “pins up” means you put it in the glass tray with the side that we can see in the image facing upwards? Or vice versa?


He Nibor,
The other way around.
With the side visible on the pictures facing downwards.
That way the pogo pins are facing up.

Good luck!


3 days after fixing my phone by reflowing the motherboard in the oven, another sudden death happened.
I put twice in the oven again but it sadly didn’t work…

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Good to know, but at least it would be enough time to get some un-backup data, that might still be on the phone!


+1 or -1 should I say.
I’m very disappointed with my FP3. Never thought it was a great powerful phone but it did its job until sudden death last month and I’m next-to-absolutely sure the wame scenario is involved.
I’m fed up with fake “environmental-concerned” companies and I won’t spend anymore penny sending my dead phone to hear I have to pay the fee of a new device to have mine repaired.
That is just not acceptable from a company claiming such durable values.

I’ll go back to a poorly-conceived but still more durable device.
(My 2016 Samsung J5 is back up and working, my 2012 Sony Ericsson is still up too in case of backup needed).

Farewell UnFairP,

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For somebody so much interested in green values according to your two almost identical messages, I think you are doing green washing about yourself. Why? You have two perfectly working phones but you bought an FP3…

Like many other people , I am the happy owner of an FP3. I am sad for your problem but you cannot just accuse without proof.

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Hey Alain,
Yes, you are right, I have 2 phones BUT, as this world is as cruel as it can be, they are actually out of date, which is another problem with phones; they turn obsolete also because manufacturers don’t update them.
To be very practical, my Samsung J5 works fine but it’s stuck in. Android v7 while Android v13 or v14 is running now. That results in lots of applications I daily use not running on my old phone (not even telling about the 2012 Sony Ericsson).
My work involves a lot of technology and I quite need these applications. Had my J5 been able to update to Android v13, I might have considered keeping it (except it’s also quite slow).

I hope your FP lasts for some time, I really do, but being aware of what can happen, I advise you backup your data regularly and take care of it as in avoid using it under the rain or in very dusty situations.
And again, it’s a shame to have a phone die for no cheap reason so early, their policy being what it is.

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That’s necessary for every PC, Tablet, Smartphone, SSD, HDD, memory card and so on you own, which contains valuable data. Nothing special for a Fairphone.

Accidents can happen, to accuse Fairphone to do that on purpose (planned obsolescence) is inappropriate. However, a discount for the repair of a FP3 with this fault after end of the warranty period, would be nice.


I’d like to share my experience as well.
I bought a brand new FP3 in januari 2021. I installed /e/OS. Everything worked perfectly until end of November 2023 when it suddenly stopped working. I tried a new battery, a new bottom module, let it to a local repair. None of it worked.

And the, I reflowed as well the motherboard as explained by @HolosericaCaligo and it works perfectly now!

I could so retrieve various photo’s and sound record I haven’t on my last backup (6 month old)