Fairphone 3 charging problems

Hi, I have a Fairphone 3 which I bought last year as a pre-order. A few months ago my phone started having a problem: it wouldn’t charge when it was on. I had to shut it down and put in the charger in one of the two “orientations”, otherwise it doesn’t charge. If I put it in the wrong way it starts up the charging screen with the battery and percentage, but then immediately stops charging. Once the small light next to the speaker and front camera lights up though, I can just start up the phone and it’ll charge no problem, but once I take the charger off I have to do the whole process again, even if I just take it out for a split second.
I thought this merely had to do with the usb-c port, but the problem seems a bit more complex and a friend who used to fix phones told me it could also have something to do with the motherboard. Is this a known problem? Can I fix this, or should I buy new parts? If so, which parts?

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I don’t know whether this is a known issue, but before you go ahead and buy new parts you should consider contacting the Fairphone support. I assume this should be covered by their warranty if you didn’t somehow cause the problem yourself after all.


If you bought it last year it is still under warranty. You could contact support but expect that to be a bit slow.

What OS are you using and is it up to date?

Do you have any personal data on the phone that would be lost with a factory reset, that includes any SD card if it was formatted as internal storage.

Official support will ask you to try another charger, change cables etc. have you done that yet?

Providing more detail is essential :slight_smile:

Warranty extension: each product comes with a 24-month warranty (except for the FP2 lithium-ion batteries that have a 12 month warranty due to their limited usage time). A new module does not extend the warranty of the smartphone device with which it is compatible.

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