Fairphone 3 - car navigation

Dear reader,

I am asking this question on behalf of an acquaintance. She has ordered a Fairphone 3+. Is the GPS sensor of of the the Fairphone 3/3+ sensitive enough to be used inside a car cabin? Is the display bright enough? Does someone has built up experience? Please let me if you have. Advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, best regards meijer.o

I’m right now using it for car navigation. I’m using osmand as well as magic earth. Both perform reliably inside a Renault Megane. No “signal lost” up to now (but also no tunnel)


Thank you Iklaus for your reply,

Best regards, meijer.o

I have used on many occasions my FP3 for navigation when I drive (with OsmAnd+ or Google Maps) and I have never had problems with the GPS signal or with the brightness of the screen, even if I drive when the sun is brighter :slightly_smiling_face: