Fairphone 3 black screen

The screen on my FP3 just went black.
It was almost fully charged, lying on the table, and suddenly it went black.
When I restart it by holding the power button, after 10 seconds, the logo will flach on screen for a fraction of a second, and go black again.
When I put the charger in, it flashed on for a fraction, and I saw it was on the ‘enter PIN’ screen, so it’s not off.

I already tried taking out the battery, nothing seems to work. I hope someone can help me!


On FP2, when this occurred, it meant the battery was empty. It’d only work again, when you’d fully charge the battery, and then put it on.

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The battery definitely was not empty, I’d just charged it…

So far we all have almost no experience with FP3 troubleshooting yet. Please report your problem to Fairphone Support so Fairphone learns what might need to get rectified.

You can check if both the 13 screws holding display and core module of your FP3 together (and the plastic clips should audibly click into place) are properly screwed in, especially the screws surrounding the contact area between the twol. You should find a small screwdriver in your FP3 package. Instructions are available in videos and photos.


I’ve sent an email to Support. I’ve already tightened all the screws, didn’t work.

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When I’ve got a black screen I double press the power button to start the camera. Sometimes the display works again.
Two days ago the display stayed black, so I removed all of the 13 screws and the display. Then, after putting all together, the display works well!!!


I solved this by taking out all the screws taking it apart and putting it back together again. All fine again. I think it happens when they are not equally tightened


This has also happened to me but reassembling the phone did no good. What do people advise cleaning the contacts with?

Good evening

Had a similar issue, the phone was pitch black and no attempt to hard reset or take the battery out worked.

Reading your replies, I took out all the screws and tightened them back and it worked well for tonight. Will keep you posted if it keeps on going down.

I think we can safely establish that if the screen is black put you have a yellow light when charging it, it’s an issue with the display module. Either there’s a slight connection issue because it’s too lose, either it’s more severely damaged.

In my experience with the Fairphone 2, a real display issue tends to have your screen flicker and jump. A full black screen seems more improbable and more linked to a disconnection between the module and the rest of the phone.

Good luck!

Yes indeed, that’s what I would say. Or something related (e.g contacts of the core-module).
In rare cases it can also be a problem inside the core-module, e.g due to water damage (I have already handled such a case with the FP2).

In my experience with the FP2, and as a Fairphone Angel and forum member, I would tell you a black screen can as much mean it’s a problem with the display module. And a flickering screen can also be a problem with the core-module’s contacts.
Also, the FP3 is not the FP2, and the screen should be held much more firmly.


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