Fairphone 3 bike mount (removeable)

Thanks to the 3D Model of the Fairphone 3 made by @Tig3rch3n I was able to create a bike holder.

bike02 bike03 bike04

The 3D printing files are here at thingiverse.

The upper part of the bike holder is removeable, so someone could build a base for other bikes or cars.

The lower part is fixable with cable ties, after my first version with screws broke apart while cycling on bumpy berlin bike lanes.


How do you secure the Fairphone on the bike mount?

It fits like a second skin, but to be sure, I glued a small rubber pad on the top (it’s the small dot in the first picture)


How nice !
Could you show it with the phone attached ?
Does it work with FP2 as well ?
How does it behave on bumpy roads ? Under rainy weather ?


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