Fairphone 3 Battery drains super fast, though new. Red light always blinks

Dear FP-Community :slight_smile:

Some Weeks ago, while using my FP3, it started to get incredible hot. So hot, I couldn’t hold it anymore. It turned off immediatly. I thought this might be the end, but tried to turn it on the next day and it worked.
But since then the FP is a lot warmer than usual, even if it is not used. Additionally the red light nearly always blinks, no matter how full the battery is and I don’t see why it wouldn#t blink sometimes. Last but not least the battery runs out super qickly. Even if its on 100 % when I go to sleep, it will defenatly be already turned of when I wake up. (I guess 3 hrs max.)
So I bought a new battery but that didn’t change anything. Battery nearly drained as quickly as before, the other problems still occuring.
I tired SafeMode, checked my battery usage and tried to reboot. All of this didn’t work.
I don’t have high hopes that anybody can help, but for the sake of the enviroment and sustainability I at least wanted to try :slight_smile:
Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

How old is the FP3, i.e. has the 2 year warranty expired?

Have you checked which, if any, apps are drawing a ‘high’ load?

Check the battery drain overnight when it is OFF to see if there is a mechanical issue.

You don’t say what OS and version you are using.

Are you prepared to do a factory reset, like copy any personal data off the phone. Remove any SD card and SIM maybe, disconnect from Wi-Fi etc and do a factory reset.

Then connect only Wi-Fi and update if you are not using A11 .0013.4

You may want to try a dismantle and a clean of the interior if a software reset doesn’t help.


Hi :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply!
The Os is Android, the version is the newest available so Android Version 11.
And yes, the warranty has expired.
There is no apps drawing high load. I tried and checked the battery drain, when the phone is off. Even if its completly turned off battery drains in the course of 10 hours. So I think it is a mechanical issue.
I would be prepared to do a factory reset as well, but if its a mechanical issue then there is no sense in doing that, right?
Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could try a kickstart to reset the software of your battery?

A couple of things to check on the battery side of things.

  • Do a spin test to see if it is deforming and hence failing maybe with a short and if so stop using it as it is dangerous and you may want to take it to a phone shop for disposal.

  • If it passes the spin test use the onboard diagnostic for the battery, you can use it whilst plugged in to. Dial *#*#66#*#* > Service tests > Test Single > Battery status check.

Ensure you have turned off the phone by holding the power button for some ten seconds or Charge > Test as above > Remove battery > Wait a minute > Install but do not power on > Sleep for 8 hours and power on in the morning.

See the post below, which has link to the spin test and the one following that etc.

Hey amoun :slight_smile:
as described in my first post, the battery I’m using is completly new and the problem with the battery drainage is exactly the same as with the old battery. So it cant be the bloated battery. I think your first guess regarding the mechanical issue is the right guess.

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I think it has nothing to do with the battery, as the same problem is still occuring using a completly new battery. The problem didn’t stop after buying a completly new battery and using this one.

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