Fairphone 3, Australia

Fairphone 3

Selling for AUD$600

Shipping from Sydney, Australia

Phone is as new - bought it last week from someone in Brisbane off eBay, but my partner went a different direction with her new phone.


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By the way it is customary to show the phone working, i.e. screen on with today’s date.

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When did you buy the phone then?

Thanks - I made some edits. I bought the phone last week on eBay, so not sure of the original purchase history, but it looks brand new to me.

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It would have been useful if you had the original receipt form the person you bought it from as that would show if it still benefits from the official warranty.

The last sale from the Fairphone site was Sept 21

and there will be some that were bought from resellers after that maybe which.

In either case the phones are guaranteed fro 2 years from purchase, with the caveat that the warranty can only be used from the EU or the UK. So if the buyer of your phone is in ‘Europe’ they may benefit from the warranty if the original purchase date can be shown by an original receipt. ( Not asking you to find it, just info that may be useful)

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