Fairphone 3 - Android Device Security Database


just found this database with Fairphone 3:

Its nice to compare with other devices.


I didn’t know that page, thanks for sharing.

Seems they got the release of the FP3 slightly wrong. 2020-09 was the FP3+, not FP3.

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Maybe someone should write them to listen FP3 / FP3+ seperatly…

Hi @rae

who is in charge at Fairphone to provide technical details? Maybe he/she can contact
Dr. René Mayrhofer: Impressum – Android Device Security Rating
to correct the data?

Kind regards

I contacted them via twitter with that suggestion :wink:


Maybe the date refers to the date of the A10 update and the + is irrelevant as it applies to the FP3 range

Looking at other phone models it seems the Android version in their table refers to the version at the release date (c.f. the Google Pixel 1 XL), so it seems their entry should read FP3+. And if they were to add the FP3 with its release date one year earlier it should have Android 9.

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What does our Man in (near) Linz @stanzi know about this? :sunglasses:

Eh… Nothing :see_no_evil:
What do I have to do with a random phone database? :sweat_smile:

A Linz University department is one of the bodies running the website. :angel:

I’ve never studied at that university :sweat_smile:

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Got a response today and their database was updated :slight_smile:


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