Fairphone 3+ Androïd 11 nightmare

Hi, I did the update to 11 this morning. The “Finalization” process is stuck at like 15%, the phone app won’t work & everything lags. As I type that, the phone won’t even unlock (black screen). I am not very good at communication devices, and feel a bit overwhelmed as I am expected to work using my phone today. Help please?

Edit: I should precise that, incidentally, the troubleshooting page for FP3 are all 404 on my browser, I am not just being lazy :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome, so did you try to use the phone before the upgrade was finalized? No guarentee for anything, but I would restart the phone, you can long press (10-15sec) the power button, and see what happens


What happened precisely is, I agreed to the update, let my phone download and install it, then rebooted when it asked me to, and since reboot a notification shows “Finalizing system upgrade” (or something like that, my phone is in French). The progress bar was stuck at 15% for 15 minutes and I needed to make a call, so I did. I could make the call, but the app was quite hard to use from lag and display issues. And now I realize all apps are like that.

I guess something went wrong in the update procedure, but I can’t find out what and as I said, the troubleshooting pages are all 404 on my end, for now.

I did reboot one more time, remembering my IT basics :smiley: but it didn’t change anything, and the finalization process is still stuck (and now I am massively late).

Ok I have no real ideas and guess you interrupted the finalization process with the call. Too late this time, but you might want to do such big upgrades especially, when you really have time and there is not need to make calls inbetween. :speak_no_evil:

I can access all Support article ,so not sure what your issue is, maybe try another Browser and/or clear history

Ok, thanks. Although, I may insist on the fact that the progress bar was already stuck at 15% for a good 15 minutes before I had to make that call. I am not sure wether I interrupted the process or if it was already stuck. I don’t know why I can’t access FAQ, probably because I have restrictive security settings… Still I would love to hear tech support on this.

Just remember this is a user forum, for official Fairphone Support you have to #contactsupport

I second to deospax here, The localization issues with speech services by google were well known in advance. A simple look into the playstore would have sufficed. There’s even a work-around linked somewhere here which I found in google-groups. The update kills at least the roll-back option, so that speech services localization is now english. No way to get german text-to-speech from the start. When ever you want speech services to read something to you, the first you get is english.


Good work.

Ok, what I did:

Factory reset
Backup from Google
Painfully relog into all apps
Resist the urge to renounce technology altogether.

Took me a few hours but now it’s running again.

Boy I miss the time we could get away with 3310s

Have a good day :slight_smile:


Oh yes! back in the early 60s, 100miles away or at sea, letters and of course for urgent business telegrams could be transmitted in morse to the local Post Office. Then a courier on a motorbike would turn up.

Thought you would kill, when I propose a factory reset therefore I bit my tongue :wink:

So good you could fix it that way🙂

No, I wasn’t thinking of going back that far. See, you can wish to go back one step without wanting to go back all the way. On your computer, it’s the difference between “undo” and “initialize to factory settings”, for instance. But thanks for you wisdom.


Oh forget that. Back in the late Victorian era, a Londoner could exchange letters (not telegrams, letters) with someone in Edinburgh in a single day, often multiple times. They whipped up and back on the mail cars of trains, a few hours each way, multiple deliveries all the way to houses a day. The postal service used to be amazing. (You can do that sort of thing when you have a world-spanning empire funnelling wealth in your general direction. The rest of the empire did not have postal services of that quality. I’m not sure whether non-stinking-rich areas, and areas not in major cities, got deliveries anything like that often. I rather doubt it.)

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