Fairphone 3 and fitbit

Does anyone know if the Fairphone 3 is compatible with Fitbit Versa? I have just bought the FP3 and cannot get it to sync with my Versa. Fairphone 3 is not listed on Fitbit’s compatible devices list.

I use my FP3 to sync it with my Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch - so in theory it should work for you as well. Nonetheless, the Fitbit Software feels somehow very buggy.

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Thanks for letting me know. I cannot get my FP3 to see my Versa but I will message Fitbit about this as well.

Hi Liz, I have a Versa 2 and it works perfectly with the FP3. Sometimes (after system or apps update) the sync or notifications stop working, switching off and on the phone is enough to restore everything.

Thanks for that. I think the problem is my Versa works off Bluetooth 4 but the Versa 2 and Ionic work off Bluetooth 5 or LE which is compatible with FP3.

I made the same experience with fitbit versa once with my FP2. The app takes ages to connect the versa and crashes all the time. Made me an easy decision to buy another Pepple which still works perfect on my FP3 also. And for a week long away trip I didn´t even need to think about carrying the charging cable with me :wink:

Thanks for that advice, I will look into the Pebble as an alternative device.

The Pebble is a smartwatch from 2013 and unfortunately discontinued. You can find used ones online for cheap. I would recommend the Pebble Time ones, as they are most reliable.
If you want to have it as a sport tracker, it is probably the wrong device.

Oh, that is important to know, that for that.

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Pebble was discontinued because the company was bought by… Fibit. :wink:

I’ve got a Fitbit Versa 1 and with my Fairphone 2 it sometimes took dozens of attempts to sync (with having the app to force stop and restart again and again).

Since I own the FP3, though, Fitbit works quite fine. I still have to do the occaisonal restart of the app (long tap icon > (i) > force stop >>> then start the app again), but most of the time there’s no problem at all. I have “All-Day Sync” or “Always Connected” turned off, by the way - but still get notifications, weather and agenda dates. So, to keep it short:

My Fitbit Versa works fine with the Fairphone 3 (but didn’t work that well with FP2).

So, Liz, maybe try to restart the Fitbit app once or twice - and if you don’t get the Versa to sync at all, delete the device from the app and do the setup again (or completely reinstall the app).

Thanks for that advice. I’ve restarted the app and phone and deleted the app off my old phone and it appears to be working! I am not sure it is 100% synching but it is there enough for it to be good enough for me. Thank you all for the help and advice, this is a very cool community!


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