Fairphone 3 and DJI Fly app

Hi there !
My first post on this forum, after about 1 year of satisfying usage of my Fairphone 2. A little thing, although : FP 2 is not compatible with DJI Fly app, which is necessary to fly DJI Mavic Mini and latest DJI Mavic Air 2.
So i was wondering if Fairphone 3 was compatible with this DJI Fly app ? Has anyone tested successfully the installation ? Is someone here able to test the installation (no need to have a drone for this…) for me before I buy one ?
Official DJI webpage https://www.dji.com/fr/dji-fly?from=dap_unique&pbc=f-u9-13H&pm=custom#download make it possible to download via Play Store OR downloading directly the APK.
Can someone help me please ?
Thanks a lot !

Hi! (and welcome :blush:)

I just downloaded the app on my Fairphone 3 (via Google Play) and used it for a while without any problem or error (but I couldn’t connect it to the drone, as I don’t have one).

I’ve attached some screenshots I’ve taken using the app, so you can check how it looks in FP3 :wink:.

Open this to watch the pictures 👇

Screenshot_20200614-215943 Screenshot_20200614-215951
Screenshot_20200614-220038 Screenshot_20200614-220115

I hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi ! Thank you for your help. Yes indeed that helps a lot !
I can now begin to resell my FP 2 in order to buy his new brother FP 3 !

Have a nice day !
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I have a Fairphone 3 and a mavic air 2.
You can start the app and connect it to the drone but once I started the camera the App stalls and does so even after reinstallation.
To be precise:
You can connect the drone, choose the settings and I could actually make a photo.
But when I started the camera for a video the app crashed. This was reproducible. On the mavic I could see that there had been video files created and the Mavic obviously recorded until I shut it down. So the app could not restart while the drone was recording.
I did not try to fly the drone not sure what happens when the app crashes while flying.