Fairphone 3 and DJI Fly app

Hi there !
My first post on this forum, after about 1 year of satisfying usage of my Fairphone 2. A little thing, although : FP 2 is not compatible with DJI Fly app, which is necessary to fly DJI Mavic Mini and latest DJI Mavic Air 2.
So i was wondering if Fairphone 3 was compatible with this DJI Fly app ? Has anyone tested successfully the installation ? Is someone here able to test the installation (no need to have a drone for this…) for me before I buy one ?
Official DJI webpage https://www.dji.com/fr/dji-fly?from=dap_unique&pbc=f-u9-13H&pm=custom#download make it possible to download via Play Store OR downloading directly the APK.
Can someone help me please ?
Thanks a lot !

Hi! (and welcome :blush:)

I just downloaded the app on my Fairphone 3 (via Google Play) and used it for a while without any problem or error (but I couldn’t connect it to the drone, as I don’t have one).

I’ve attached some screenshots I’ve taken using the app, so you can check how it looks in FP3 :wink:.

Open this to watch the pictures 👇

Screenshot_20200614-215943 Screenshot_20200614-215951
Screenshot_20200614-220038 Screenshot_20200614-220115

I hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi ! Thank you for your help. Yes indeed that helps a lot !
I can now begin to resell my FP 2 in order to buy his new brother FP 3 !

Have a nice day !
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I have a Fairphone 3 and a mavic air 2.
You can start the app and connect it to the drone but once I started the camera the App stalls and does so even after reinstallation.
To be precise:
You can connect the drone, choose the settings and I could actually make a photo.
But when I started the camera for a video the app crashed. This was reproducible. On the mavic I could see that there had been video files created and the Mavic obviously recorded until I shut it down. So the app could not restart while the drone was recording.
I did not try to fly the drone not sure what happens when the app crashes while flying.

Very interested to know how this works out for you Rolland. I just bought a DJI Mavic Mini only to discover my current phone doesn’t support it. I’d love to go with a FP3 but based on magellan2k’s reply I might have to hold off until I can verify that it works.

I will be waiting with interest to see how yours works out with all the features

Unfortunately the FP3 does not fit the bill to control a DJI drone; you can run DJI Fly app, but it will crash reproducibly under particular conditions. I had to buy another phone just for the purpose to work as my flight controller.
Because of course - I stick to my FP3 for everyday usage :grinning:

Thanks for the info. That’s disappointing. Do you mind me asking what phone you bought for the controller?

Since my current phone works fine, I don’t particularly want to spent a lot of money on a phone that just acts as a controller. I will have to wait to buy FP3 when the current one no longer works

The phones on the compatibility list provided by DJI are a safe bet. I got a used Huawei P20pro - works fine

That’s great, thanks. I’ll see if I can dig up a compatible phone from somewhere.

I wonder if anyone has used the Litchi App on FP3 … :thinking:
It’s €25 but you can get a refund if it’s not compatible. I tried it there on my current phone. It launches fine but doesn’t connect. Possibly too old. Worth trying on FP3 and getting a refund if it doesn’t work. Support for the Mavic Mini has begun trials over the past few days so it should work on that app soon

Anyone successfully connected and flown with the FP3 and Dji fly or GO4 app yet?