Fairphone 3 and construction work

Hello people!

I ordered my first fairphone this thursday, and it is fairphone 3.

I am working as a carpenter, and often find myself in a very dusty environment.

Allthough i know it is not dustfree, i just out of moral, had to go for this choice.

I am now hoping that any of you can give me some ideas how to protect it as good as possible ?

All the best. Jeppe


Hi there and welcome to our community!
A first and very simple advice: keep it in a waterproof plastic bag when you don’t use it.

Thank you. I have been thinking about keeping it in a sealable something.

I am in the situation that i have to be available at work for phone calls. And also i use it constantly for music.

yes, I would also suggest a waterproof case like this. I have never used one, but I think you can use the touchscreen when in the case.
if you have wireless headphones listening to music and phone calls would be no problem


Actually, I’m using something like this if it’s possible i might come into rain. Touchscreen works, but sometimes the bag interferes with the proximity sensor while phoning. As usual, ymmv


Thank you! I will go for that.
Maybe fairphone could make some in biodigrable or recycled material ? :wink:

You can put your phone into a clear film pocket, there’s plenty of options, you might even have one lying around the house. Their accessories are not cheap for what they offer, so it makes a lot of sense just to reuse what you already have.

FP do not invest much into protection from elements, it seems the phone is oriented towards white collar workers, and students who mostly work in catering and retail, because the consensus is that blue collar workers are too tired with hard manual labour to be eco-minded.

I work in construction too but I worry more about dropping the phone than dust but I don’t feel desperate enough getting their case which is only 37% bio for the price they ask, although the rest is non-toxic even then the bioplastic does not degrade in the oceans which are extremely polluted with plastic.

I would get a case which is entirely compostable but there are none for fp3.


You could try and put some insulation tape on the inside of the bumper case.
This could restrict the microphone and doesn’t cover the speaker.
And for charging you need to pull off the bumper.

Else the solution would be the bag.

I work with wood as well and clean it ones in a while with compressed air.
Hope I don’t kill my phone :slight_smile:

For me this works perfect


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