Fairphone 3 and 3+ New Life Edition

As with the FP2 a couple of years back, the Fairphone 3 (without plus) is now available again as a refurbished NEW LIFE EDITION in limited numbers:

Differences between FP3 and FP3+

  • FP3 main and selfie cameras with lower sensor resolution (main camera output 12 MP just like on the FP3+)
  • FP3 provides slightly lower maximum volume through the external speaker
  • FP3 housing and back cover black translucent (FP3+ completely black opaque)
  • FP3 includes bumper (FP3+ without bumper or case)

P.S.: The FP3+ has already been “Temporarily out of stock” for a couple of days now.


Wie vor ein paar Jahren das FP2, ist nun auch das Fairphone 3 (ohne Plus) als wiederaufbereitete (refurbished) NEW LIFE EDITION in begrenzter StĂŒckzahl wieder erhĂ€ltlich:
Buy Fairphone 3 Refurbished | Fairphone Official Website zum Preis von 360 Euro plus Versandkosten.

Unterschiede zwischen FP3 und FP3+

  • FP3-Haupt- und Selfiekameras mit geringerer Sensorauflösung (Output der Hauptkamera ist wie beim FP3+ ein 12MP-Bild)
  • FP3 mit leicht geringerer LautstĂ€rke des Außenlautsprechers
  • FP3 mit halbdurchsichtigem GehĂ€use und Back Cover (FP3+ komplett undurchsichtig) und (vergĂ€nglichem 😉 ) weißem Schriftzug
  • FP3 inklusive Bumper (FP3+ ohne)

More information from TechCrunch (emphasis mine):

Fairphone said it will also be offering refurbished Fairphone 3+ handsets in the coming weeks.


Fairphone told us it expects to sell around 500 refurbished Fairphone 3 handsets and 1,200 refurbished FP3+. “Based on the stock that we had available in our repair center of devices that have been returned, we refurbished the maximum we could to give them a new life and reduce e-waste as much as possible,” a spokesperson for the company told us.


Fairphone 3+ now offered as well.

I listed differences between FP3 and FP3+ above.

FP3+ in all new state “temporarily out of stock” again.

As far as I know, existing discount codes can be applied to the refurbished FP3 or FP3+ just like to all-new Fairphone products.


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You know how get back smartphone and get refurbished fairphone?

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