FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

Apologies accepted. please convey steps to rollback the uodate

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They are given in the post which is marked as the solution and therefore linked in the first post of the topic.


There is one small caveat to this.
It only works, if you have your phone already linked to your account. Otherwise you are stuck in registering your fingerprint, which is not possible due to the fingerprint sensor issue.
Just wanted to add this to avoid confusion. Because I tried this in the hope to circumvent the Digitales Amt app.


Yes, sorry, I didn’t think about this. I did this all, before I did my update to Android 13 … Thank you for mentioning this!


Nooooo, please don’t! I’m so happy with having the A13 upgrade, as it for me means much longer support of the FP3! I do not use the Fingerprint sensor for anything (not sure how exotic that is, but I can imagine that many users can live without it), so I am happy enough with the situation… (I know, a rather egocentric view)

It is of course a pity that both roads, hardware and firmware update, seem to be out of reach. Btw.: it seems I have never seen anywhere who the actual manufacturer of the Fingerprint sensor is - perhaps the community can convince them to open source their firmware code and the community can try to write an update? May just be wishful thinking, I admit…

Where actually is the trust level set? I seem to have read somewhere that this is purely a configuration file that “claims” the security level to be there - or is it really encryption strength criteria? If the former, who defines this, can it be overriden (i.e., cheating)?

Will the developers of /e/ and/or lineage run into the same issues?

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It doesn’t seem that way …

On /e/OS we’ll have to see, Android 13 is still to come there. While it is based on LineageOS, e foundation have their own development team. At least, they should be aware.

Stopping Android 13 Fairphone OS would be nonsense anyway if they want to continue software support. Android 11 still has a few months to live as far as we can assume, but Android 13 gets 2 years more of security update support than Android 11 under the same assumptions.


Actually, LOS did run into this issue, but they reverted the corresponding change by cheating, see FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update - #109 by Ingo

Custom ROMs can cheat, they don’t need Google certification like Fairphone does.


Deleted my post as it was triggered by a reply from @yvmuell to @mikiballester on “venting here will not help to change this.”

This was from 4 days ago and I realized the thread went on with even more vitriol exchanged among the users and now decided I didn’t want to be a part in that.

Just concluding that I am fine with my FP3+ and the way Fairphone was transparent about the FP sensor issue and how they handed it.

Have a great weekend all!


How get I access to the “List of working apps”? I have some additions which are not listed yet.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

As a new user you need to ‘earn’ some reputation in the forum, before you get additional rights, see for example:

But if you want to contribute tot the list now, you might add your information here, so someone can edit the list for you.


I will upgrade your trust level, that you can add the apps


it is a major concern, especially as it seems will never been solved . First question, is the FP4 also affected ? and if not, can you propose a way to swap from FP3 to FP4 at a discounted price

thanks & regards


As far as I know not… at least my kids phone still works. But also, one of them are not very happy with it. What they astound was, that the update was made by itself even they said “no” to the phone.

This is a community forum, fairphone employees can read it, but it’s not sure.

Also this is just possible, no need to ask.

But maybe for you it’s better sell your FP3 on the market section, probably people will give you more cash than the discount coupon from Fairphone.
(Actually a FP3 is evalueted as 80€ from Fairphone recycle program).

This caused a major issue on my side, banking apps won’t be much of a problem, but apps I need for daily work use this feature too.
Since the update I had to drag another phone with me just for the signing, not to mention that I just had to buy some quick grab hardware…

It would be nice to offer a rollback to 12 to your cllients that want to do so (otherwise reflashing the device is quite a risky and difficult process) I don’t like the idea of spending one afternoon and potentially wiping my data / bricking my device on something that could have been an update warning (literally)

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Now I get it, why Banking Apps and Handysignatur in Austria stopped working…
Is there any ETA for a fix? Otherwise I’d have to abandom my beloved Fairphone 3 :frowning:

You should read the solution to this thread : FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update - #347 by mikiballester

Note it can be updated later.


That’s not supported by Android and even if Fairphone wanted to, they couldn’t.
And Fairphone 3 was never on Android 12, it was on Android 11 before that. And even with Android 12 you would have exactly the same problems, because Google introduced these increased security standards with Android 12.


Unfortunately this was also a lie. My FP3+ was suddenly updated to Android 13 on Augist 23rd. So now my 2 banking apps do no longer work. Will there ever be a solution? Or does it mean, I have to buy a new phone? This is really a stupid and damaging marketing failure for the FP project.

Welcome to the community forum.

What was? (Since you replied to my post.)

The rollout went on once the missing info got added to the update notice in the updater.

Please read the post which is marked as the solution of this topic and therefore linked to in the first post …