FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

That doesn’t make any sense, many of the banking apps, require one of the factors to be biometric, and now I can’t use them. Makes me think of getting a different phone.


long tap on the the notification, tap on silent options, opt-out system updates

Otherwise, Pin and Password are an alternative if all apps would allow me to choose a strong password of my choice, but I have apps which don’t allow symbols or allow only 4,5,6 digits and so on.
So it is quite a story to find a generic password pattern that fits them all…

I’m wondering what FP’s opinions are on

  • offering a new sensor, although you have to do a full teardown but it could be supported by the Angle. Would it imply any certification process?
  • following LOS but I’m sure there would be a legal implication. How about making the entire OS open source, so it could be community-driven, so certification with Google etc. is less of a concern
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If you don’t lose it it’s fine. They probably have some backup method. I’ll look it up.

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Thanks. I did manage to turn it off using instructions further back in this thread. It’s well buried in Settings but I did find it. Long-tap on the notification would have been easier had I known!


It is not my page but one created by Ingo.

Since it is a wiki page, everybody can edit it and add apps. By the way, Microsoft authenticator already is in the list as MS authenticator.

Before changing the phone I’d consider to change to LineageOS + MindTheGapps (or another custom ROM).

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Anyway, I have no way to test this, since I’m Swiss. Hopefully a fellow Austrian can help you test it.

But I have found these FIDO2 keys for €13.50 Token2 | Token2 T2F2 FIDO2 and U2F Security Key | TOKEN2 MFA Products and Services | programmable hardware token, FIDO2 key, U2F key, TOTP,

I don’t endorse them, but for me it would be cheap enough to not worry about if it doesn’t help. I would test it if I could but my only interaction with Austria is ÖBB and of course your wonderful pastries and cakes.


Just to add: almost everyone, not TL0=new user. However to get TL1 you just need stay in the forum some Minute S and read a few topics.


I must admit I am a bit afraid to do so…
is it instead of Android?
Can I use all the apps I am using now?

I would also be interested in new fingerprint module :+1:t2:

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We all, I think…because it’s probably the best solution…

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As an self-employed IT-Security Expert with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree (in IT-Security) and more than 15 years of experience in the field, I am confident to assert that the claim of “biometric factors (fingerprint, face id) being less secure than knowledge based factors (pins, passwords, patterns)” is factually wrong.
Without wanting to become to technical, it depends on multiple factors, including the aforementioned quality of the sensors.

On another note: Maybe I have overread it, but would Android 12 also be affected from this issue?

PS: Maybe Fairphone should maintain lists of critical and important apps to test against to prevent this in the future.


I have been following the thread on the fingerprint sensor with interest. I use the fingerprint for many apps and find it very convenient. However, I tested all my banking and authentication apps before updating and found they all seem to work OK with a 6 digit pin code which is not a really big hassle. So I have decided to take the plunge and update to Android 13. I can live with this for the time being on my Fairphone 3 (which I’ve had for nearly 4 years). The phone is generally a bit slow for a lot of apps these days, so I think I’ll need to change it before too long, so this situation will only be temporary for me. I’ll wait for Fairphone 5 and consider that alongside others when I am ready to get a new phone.

Re various apps, I have tried all my banking apps (Co-operative, M&S, Smile, Nationwide, John Lewis Credit Card), which now require a pin instead of a fingerprint. Microsoft Autheticator still works with fingerprint. I also tried credit reference agency apps - Clearscore still works with fingeprint but Credit Karma and Experian now need a pin. I will add to the wiki when I get time.


I would add that I would, like many others, consider buying a new fingerprint sensor if one was available, but that sounds unlikely.


I forgot to disable automatic updates in the developer options, because they where not activated on my phone. I’ve interrupted the update while downloading and switched it of in google play, But it was to late! During the night my FP3 did a reboot and woke up with A13. Now I am experiencing all the trouble mentioned in this topic.

Yes, the relevant change was already in A12. I guess the info is easy to overlook in this huge topic.

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I would just like to clarify one point. The A13 update has a major impact on applications using the fingerprint reader.
Just to be sure, will there be a software patch provided by Fairphone or another company to fix it or the fingerprint reader of the Fairphone 3(+) is unusable and will never be compatible on A13?
In this case, if you want to be able to fully use the fingerprint reader, you would have to rollback to an earlier version of Android?

Finally, according to this thread from July 13th this update has been discontinued, so how could I have started the update yesterday, July 31st with this major issue ?

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.

The update was only discontinued until a warning was placed in the release notes. As the problem comes from a degradation of safety class by Google and no support from the finger print sensors manufacturer, there will be most likely no update for this issue.


Hi @aboigues,

do the posts by Miquel answer your questions? Especially this one?


Thanks for this update.