FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

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Hi Ingo,

I see thanks for the clarification. Maybe someone else could add the app in the meantime, as the info is not available otherwise for other users reading the list…?

Same here - I also need it for Digitales Amt :-(.

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I thought it simply was in the description of the two groups. All my apologies to @Tie-fighter

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I installed the A13 update yesterday and didn’t see the notice of the fingerprint issue, since I was at first just really happy that this unexpected update was made available.

Then I faced the issues with the fingerprint login. Only after quite a bit of searching I landed here and found out about the general incompatibility issue.

It should be made much clearer that the fingerprint sensor in banking apps etc. won’t work anymore. E.g. putting a warning in all caps on top of the update information text, or even adding alert dialog that needs to be confirmed specifically (if this is possible on the update page, anyways).

So for me this action against planned obsolescence actually speeded up me needing a new phone. And I don’t have the budget for an FP4 right now, although I was very happy with my FP3. :confused:

PS: Lineage OS is not an option for me. I tried it some years ago and love the idea of a google-free phone, but personally I think that the UX in Lineage OS is utter garbage, if you want to use banking apps or other high privacy apps.


Welcome to the community forum.

LineageOS just comes without preinstalled Google Apps and services (they legally can’t preinstall them, and many users don’t want to have them preinstalled). You can install those yourself with e.g. MindTheGapps and even register your use of Google Apps and services on a custom ROM like LineageOS with Google … https://www.google.com/android/uncertified … to play it safe with your Google account.


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Sorry guys, but what the hack are you thinking?

I’m currently travelling with my son and the Android 13 Update killed my Internet Access (I fixed that) and pretty much nuked my access to my bank account and ability to approve online credit card transactions.

As luck would have it I manged to book and pay an Hostel in Amsterdam the day before the updated popped up on my FP3 and I lost the ability to do so.

With me still considered to drop by at the Fairphone office and insist on sleeping on the floor until you have fixed the finger sensor issue.

So please NEVER EVER do something like this EVER AGAIN and please make EVERY Android Version update an OPT-IN and CLEARLY announce any CHANCES instead of pushing it out like an everyday update that happens to be a bit bigger then normal.


Hey, thanks for the fast answer! As far as I understood it, with lineage I cannot have automatic app updates, right? I know how to install apks etc, since I’m an android developer myself, but concerning something like banking apps I don’t want to rely on a manual solution

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SSSSSS - Sleep Strike Stipulating Speedy Sensor Solution

Just to confirm … the update started automatically without any user interaction?

If you install the Google stuff, you’ll have the Play Store just like in the stock OS.

Even without the Google stuff, you could still use F-Droid and (if needed) Aurora Store.


And if I don’t have a smartphone, or if I have one without a fingerprint reader, or if I have no readable fingerprints (yes, this condition exists)?

If any of this conditions applies to you. You can simply call or go to an administrative office in person and your going to be helped in a reasonable time. Because everyone else is using Digitales Amt to get stuff done online. Freeing up resources for everyone else.

And this update is likely going to reduce the number of Fairphone user in Austria and other states with advanced E-Goverment apps like Estonia down to zero pretty quickly.

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I was lucky to stop the update to Android 13, because I read the release notes at the right time!
With Android 13 I would have lost my ability for using digital payments. The “Digital Pay”-App and all Banking Apps would not work anymore, without typing in a more than 14 characters long password. It would not be funny to pay with your smartphone at the supermarket and always type in all long password.
I hope there will be a solution until support for Android 11 ends. Maybe Fairphone finds a possibility for a firmware update or exchanges the fingerprint sensor.
I am happy with my Fairphone 3 and I hope for a fix soon!


Just to confirm … the update started automatically without any user interaction?

I got an normal update notification. But all it told me (or I can remember) is that I’m running late with my update and that it’s 1 GB in size and I started the update directly from the notification. The same way I did with the dozen previous security updates before.

I have an Austrian FP3 that’s set to English and I’m currently in France and I’m actually surprised that I got the Android 13 update. Because my french workmate never got one for his FP3 so far.


In my country, I can do all online using an app on my phone (even if the fingerprint reader doesn’t work, I can still use a pin), or with a browser and an id card reader on a computer.

We could wonder why Austria is the only country where the fingerprint is compulsory to identify yourself whereas it seems different in most of the European countries (I believe so since nobody complained for government app not working except for Austrians).
I hope the person who contacted the developers behind Digitales Amt will have good news soon.

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The update to Android 13 is much more than just a security update. You should compare it with one from Android 10 to Android 11.

The updates are sent by your provider so it is not a french provider that sent it.

Personally, I wouldn’t take the risk to upgrade my phone in a moment I absolutely need it, especially abroad.


We could wonder why Austria is the only country where the fingerprint is compulsory to identify yourself.

The reason behind it is that Digitales Amt is a brand new app. Which was developed with the sole purpose to replace all the less secure authentication methods like SMS, pin or password verification that are still in use and provide the ground work necessary for things like the EU Digital Driving License that is going to be introduced in 2024.


I’m pretty much a Digital Native that is living in Austria. But I’m currently in Paris, because I’m working for a French company and I will spend about 5 days at “Home” this month.

So when exactly am I supposed to do my security updates?


Thanks for giving more information but it doesn’t change my opinion : an upgrade can always go wrong so I prefer to do it when I have other solutions. I apply this rule to smartphones and computers.

I hope for you and other Austrians a solution will come


I have an “other solution” and the solution is to hijack the phone of my son. Which isn’t something he’s too happy about.

Things can always break and I don’t mind a bug and some annoyances here and there. But what is really mind blowing is that Fairphone knew that some user will loose access to their bank accounts and with a bit of effort and community involvement they should have known that they are about to wipe out the digital identity of all Austrian FP3 users.

Still Fairphone didn’t care and still doesn’t care about the issue. With zero community engagement and any clear communication how they plan to deal with the issue.

Leaving me and others no choice, but to get a new phone and search for a nice way to retire my FP3. So if you ever drop by at my home. Please expect my FP3 to be framed to the wall and used as a Home Assistant Controller.

But please don’t expect me to trust Fairphone with taking care of my digital identities any time soon.


Hi all ! I updated my fairphone 3 yesterday, and now I can’t use the fingerprint for the security applications like Bankin, Enpass, my bank application, etc…

Someone can help me and tell me if there is a solution ?

I bought a Fairphone to keep my phone the most longer possible and it was not to buy an other 2 or 3 years later …

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