Fairphone 3 after failed e OS installation

Hi all

I tried to install e OS on my FP3 but it stalled and failed half way through. Now I have re locked the bootloader is the device still on F OS and safe to use or is there anything else I should do? Thanks

If you were able to relock the bootloader and the Fairphone OS runs fine I guess you’re good.

In case you don’t want to experiment installing another OS you could disable OEM unlocking in the developer options.
Otherwise someone could easily run the unlock command if they get physical hold of your phone.


Most problems with installing /e/ are solvable with the right info on what went wrong.

I would go with @Ingo’s assessment that if it works with Fairphone OS now, it should be fine.
Did the device go back to Fairphone OS itself or did you reinstall Fairphone OS manually?

At least unlocking as well as locking the bootloader will force a factory reset, wiping user data.

Thank you very much for taking time to reply , so what happened is the e OS easy install failed so it wiped data and the bootloader was unlocked but don’t think it did anything to fairphone OS which is running fine .

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