Fairphone 2 won't charge


Last night I accidentaly dropped my fairphone on the ground. Nothing is broken, it seemed normal. But while I still had battery the phone “died”. Now when i try to put it on charge with thw case on, there is a little red light that flickers and nothing happens. I remoed the case and it is the same. The phone only turns pn when i remove the battery and put it back, which is strange. When it’s on, the red light is not continuous and the little battery symbol never seems to " fill up", while it should be written “in charge” or something, it says it is not… The phone is thus never charged. As soon as I unplugg it, it dies :frowning: where does the problem come from?! Thanks in advance for your help!


How long have you let the red light flicker? Flickering red light usually indicates that the battery has run all empty, so under normal circumstances, the battery should be let charged quite a while until the red light becomes steady.

See the Battery Reset FP2 procedure in A little Guide to … Fairphone’s Batteries (also for FP2)

Thanks for your answer! I let my phone on charge the whole night but this morning there was 0% battery. The red light sometimes flickers and then is steady and flickers again, it is very unstable, it changes all the time. If I unplugg my phone it instantly dies. I don’t understand how a fall can affect the battery… I don’t know if it is a battery issue or a phone issue. Other than this battery issue, the phone works well.


Make sure you leave the battery out of the phone at least 30 minutes before trying to charge it (see the instructions I linked to). If that still doesn’t work, I’d think it might be the battery and if possible, I’d look out for another Fairphoner who might be willing to lend her or his battery just to check if it makes a difference.

I followed your insteuctions but it did not work. When I remove the battery and it’s on charge, there is continuously the “fairphone” opening page then a vibration,then all black, then opening page again etc and it does not stop. When I put the battery back inside the phone I cannot turn it on… It stays all black. I think the shock must have disturbed some circuits or something. It’s really weird as if the phone could not connect with the battery. The battery is only 3 months old and was working perfectly well until last night.

To me it sounds as if your FP2 can’t carge steadily.

Maybe your battery loses contact with the phone. In some cases it helped to put a small piece of folded paper on the lower end of the battery to push it upwards to the contacts.

Or maybe your bottom module with the USB port became loose. So you could try to remove it and put it back in place.

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