Fairphone 2 with OS 18.04.1 and debian stable Linux

I have Fairphone OS 18.04.1 installed last week and a debian stretch installed on my notebook.
transfering files did work last time Jan 29 14:21 from some protocoll, which I cannot read, but now initiating mtp seems not to work anymore. Hints and bash history is overwritten.

Now I am where I was when I received the fp2.
Is there a new update on how to connect under linux debian ?

I often use adb to transfer files. Adb is short for Android debug bridge and can dmbe used to execute commands on an Android device, read the logs.
Or to push files to and pull files from the FP2.

adb pull /path/on/phone.file can be used to get a file to the PC.
adb push folder /path/on/phone to push a folder to the device.

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Hi, also using Debian stretch here.

  • Which file manager or other program do you use to access the phone?
  • Did you select “transfer files” or MTP on the phone itself after connecting the USB cable?
  • Which MTP related packages are installed?

I myself use dolphin under KDE, with the packages kio-mtp, libmtp-common, libmtp-runtime and libmtp9:amd64 installed.

I have the standard mate installation with MATE Desktop Environment 1.16.2.
The Filemanager is caja 1.16.6 now.
Normally I keep some little script with the bash commands to install the mtpfs.
Now I did not do this fast enough.

Notebook: dpkg -l | grep mtp
ii go-mtpfs 0.0~git20150917.0.bc7c0f7-1+b2 amd64 Mount MTP devices over FUSE
ii jmtpfs 0.5-2+b2 amd64 FUSE based filesystem for accessing MTP devices
ii libmtp-common 1.1.13-1 all Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) common files
ii libmtp-runtime 1.1.13-1 amd64 Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) runtime tools
ii libmtp9:amd64 1.1.13-1 amd64 Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) library
ii libnet-smtp-ssl-perl 1.04-1 all Perl module providing SSL support to Net::SMTP
ii mtp-tools 1.1.13-1 amd64 Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) library tools

This is the status from January, apart from the new FP OS

BR Erich


I have tried to see why mtp-detect does not find the FP2 .
Un-Plugging and plugging the usb of the fairphone2 does not create a dmesg as before.
Plugging in the garmin nuvi however does create a dmesg or a kern.log entry on my Notebook. I tested two usb Ports on the notebook both with Garmin and FP2.
Something has changed on the side of the fairphone2 OS update between Jan 29 2018 and the last update that usb does not trigger handshake anymore on electrical connection. (Charging works !)

These are the symptoms. So adb would have the same problem.

Comments are welcome
BR Erich

Just to be sure:

It doesn’t show up before this in dmesg. MTP mode needs to be set each time the phone is connected; this setting is not stored.

If the USB mode selector isn’t visible when you swipe down the notification area, then the phone isn’t detecting the PC. This can (amongst other things) indicate that the cable doesn’t support data transfers/is broken (unlikely if you’re using it successfully with other devices), or a problem with the usb connector of the phone. Charging uses two pins, transfers use four, so you can have defective cable or phone-side port that does still allow charging.

The bug is on the side of FP2

So possibly different. This issue also occurs only on Open OS. Assuming the OP is accurate, this isn’t the OS involved here:

Hi : This problem of mtp could be bypassed with the ptp protocol.
Now that my cloud works with almost all the needed functions,
a data transfer via developer function is not necessary any more.
for me it works.

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I connect my FP2 usually with KDEConnect to my Notebook. Works like a charme.


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