Fairphone 2 - Windows 10 and fastboot without USB hassle

Hi, reading thru many, many advisories and using many proposed USB driver (Google USB driver, platform-tools, Android Studio, universal naked …, etc., etc.), on how to connect my Fairphone 2 for Fastboot, unfortunately none of them worked. Adb connection was ok, but booting into bootloader the connection was gone and Fastboot couldn’t find the device. The windows device manager recognized the Android device, but i couldn’t get any of the proposed solutions to work. Eventually i searched the internet specifically for the Android device and eventually found a solution which worked in my case. Unfortunately i do not have the corresponding link anymore, but the solution was very simple.
First I de-installed all related drivers, Android Studio, etc. so I had basically a ‘clean’ system relating to USB drivers.
Second I started the Fairphone 2 in Fastboot mode, result the device manager showed the Android device with the missing driver symbol
Third I ran Windows Update with the setting to include drivers when looking for updates: the result being that a Google Android Bootloader driver showed up.
Fourth I updated the system as proposed and from then on Fastboot was working under any condition and all the time.
Maybe that helps for not having to go thru all the hassle of installing different USB drivers, etc.
P:S. What also helped: After having Fastboot working, I first installed TWRP and then the current Fairphone OS Version (19.11) via the manual installation process, which resulted in TWRP gone. Then I saw someone on the forum recommending to install the Fairphone OS using TWRPs install feature. So I reinstalled TWRP, copied the OS Zip file to the SD card and installed from there, which kept TWRP in place.


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