Fairphone 2 will not turn on anymore after the latest android upgrade

Hello, Yesterday my fairphone updated to the new Andriod operating system (7). After that it has not charged anymore and today the battery died and the phone will not turn on anymore. I managed to find different chargers (1 finally worked - the ones that used to work previously didn’t work this morning). I am not sure how this could be related to the battery but I the phone battery is charged now but the phone will not turn on anymore. I am not sure what do now! It is Saturday so the customer support is unavailable.

What exactly happens if you try to turn on your phone?

  • vibration?
  • screen backlight?
  • more?

And are you sure the battery is charged? Did the LED turn green or at least yellow?

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I have found that my phone didn’t turn on while charging with Android 7. I could turn it on by disconnecting the charger, then turning it on, and then reconnecting the charger.

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That would be issue #26.

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