Fairphone 2 Wi-Fi reception drops using 5 GHz channel 120

Have you also recognized how much damping occurs when holding your mobile while measuring and how the result is when just being placed untouched on a table?

At least the damping actually is different here between both channels.

Please verify if your router has the latest firmware update. I have read that some issues in regard to 5 GHz were solved: https://www.ui.com/download/unifi/unifi-ap

I had wifi issues with 5GHz since I got my phone. On FPOOS, on Lineage, with two different core modules, on three different routers and perhaps more. Most of the time, it didn’t connect. I didn’t check the channels though.

Do you still own the FP2 to be able to perform some tests?

I’m currently answering you on it, so yes. Though I suspect my second core module to have a defect, in which case I will have it changed. I am also going to get another FP2 soon, and my brother owns one, so I will be able to do many tests.

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Great, you could check on your router which channels work, respectively channel 120, if that is OK for you.

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When I have time, sure I will. For the moment I’m not home though. And I’ll ask my brother for help, he is more techie than me.
Edit: My brother also has a customizable OpenWRT router with which tests will be easy. I’ll keep you updated.

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I recategorized the topic in #discuss:fairphone2 as it was originally instead of #help:fp2, because we are more discussing an issue and doing tests than someone asking others for help. I also took the #lineageos tag away, as it is not limited to one OS.
Please tell me if you want to reverse it.

I do not really understand your motivation to recategorize this thread, because …

And the fact that the Samsung phone works fine on channel 120, but the FP2 does not, is a technical issue which should be investigated. However, you are the moderator, I do not care…

Well, I suppose both points of vue are valuable. I’ll reverse then.

I’m actually not a moderator, just a @trust_level_3, a regular.

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I can confirm, that both APs running on the latest firmware ( As also the FP2 is the only of all our devices having any issues, I do not think the APs are the problem

Just tested it again, comparing receiption with the phone in my hand vs. phone lying on hard ground. While I cannot see a big differents between both situations, I recognized that even slightly turning/moving the phone seems to make quite a big difference:
By tilting/ moving the phone within few centimeters, I could reach levels from 5% up to 35% (again ~1,5m distance to the router / channel 120)


I suspect corrosion at the end(s) of the WiFi antennae or a detached connector inside the FP2:

There have been some Wifi related pulls for LOS, which I can’t assign the 5GHz channel issues, but I’m hoping for improvements everyday ;).


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AFAIK Android 6 was not suffering from any Wifi issues, that is one of the main points in the discussion that got lost over time.

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Well, this one here is rather hardware related:

Yes it was, but it couldn’t be fixed by FP.

Actually the effect has a smaller impact on my battery life than I expected.

Checked both ends, but they are looking good to me. Neither corrosion, nor do they seem to be loosened. But wouldn’t it also be strange, that a HW-issue like detached antenna only leads to problems on specific Wifi channels?
While I agree, that the strong effect of tilting the phone sounds more like a HW-problem, the fact that only specific channels are affected does sound more like Firmware/Software/general HW-Design issue to me.


For what it’s worth, I’m having similar problems with higher 5 GHz channels on my FP2, in particular: anything from 116 through 128 doesn’t work. See my thread here for more details. After finally discovering the cause of these connectivity issues, I simply configured the router to use channel 56, and now all is well.


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