Fairphone 2 wanted in the Netherlands

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Hi all,

I’m looking for:

  • A second hand Fairphone 2
  • Good condition
  • Rotterdam

Many thanks,

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Hello Koen,
I am selling my second hand FP2, here is the link FP2 under warranty for sale! , do not hesitate to ask if any question :slight_smile:

Hi Jean Bapitse,
Thank you for letting me know! The price is a bit too high for me, I’m buying the phone for my business and without VAT I’m almost at that price.

Many thanks,

Hello Koen, sorry for the late answer. What would be your price ? :slight_smile:

Sorry for my even later answer:) I think I will go for a ‘new’ fairphone through the shop, as I can afford it and I can charge it on my company and even found a discount code. I hope you can make another person happy with yours!

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