Fairphone 2 wanted in good condition

Wanted Fairphone 2 in good used condition. I can afford approx £250-£300 depending on age of the phone. Price based on what I’ve seen fairphones sell for on ebay. I.e. £300 pound phone is in excellent condition (inc battery) and no more than a year of age.



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Hi Gary, I am selling my Fairphone for 350 euros including P&P. I’m based in the UK. Let me know if you’re interested. It is in excellent condition. The battery is as you would expect 1.5 years in so you might want to consider replacing it, but it’s fine.

Hi Raj,

Would you consider £270 pounds for the phone?. If so please let me know how to proceed with the payment/postage. I live in Cumbria so it will probably need posting to me.

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