Fairphone 2 User in Vienna Austria

Dear Fairphone Users in Vienna,

My fairphone 2 doesn’t react, except the led shines red, when I plug it in.

I informed the support service of fairphone. They asked me to do some tests, but nothing changed. They said they think the core module is broken the only two options are to have it repaired from their repair service in the Netherlands or a local repair shop.

I don’t want to take the risk of shipping it to them and I am not sure if I can trust a local repair shop.

But I would be greatful, if one of you would meet me, that I could place all of my modules, my battery and my display into your core module. Just to know that if I buy a new one, everything will work again.

Are you a fairphone 2 user in Vienna, or do you know someone?



Die austrianfairphoners.org sind die Hauptaktiven in diesem Forum :wink: Wenn sich nicht in wenigen Minuten eine*r von denen meldet, schreib’ einfach eine E-Mail an
vienna [at] fairphone . community


Hi @seb080,

Fairphone Support is usually right with their diagnosis from afar, but to be sure we could still do some testing when we meet up.
I have spare parts (for testing or exchange) and tools at home in Hietzing.
Send me a PM so we can exchange further details.


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Never expect a reaction from Vienna before noon :rofl:

(I’m also late with my answer :blush: )


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